Monday, November 28, 2011

Dogs, Cats & Other Human Animals

In popular culture it is common to hear a male (and even a female in some cases) being called a dog because of their apparent disrespect and disregard for the principles of what a relationship stands for.  This has become a standard in the communities and just about an official term when discussing relationships and the problems that are found therein.

What really is a dog and how does it refer to a Human?

When one thinks of a dog, the mind generally processes the concept of an animal being "man's best friend".  This is usually the first thought.  The second thought then heads towards the concept of a being that doesn't care for anyone or anything but him or herself.  How is it that the nature of something can have such opposite connotations?

If the first connotation of a "dog" was utilized in relationships, this conversation wouldn't even be needed.  Man's best friend seems like a wonderful depiction to characterize something as.  This, however, isn't the case.  We all know which definition of "dog" we are referring to when we hear it used to describe a Human.

What is a cat and how does it refer to a Human?

When a Human is called a cat, it is generally in a flattering sense.  "That cat over there..."  "These cats right here..." "Cats around here are strange.."

Also, a cat is also used in reference to female genitalia.

Whether these connotations are taken positively or negatively, the underlying conversation deals with the personalizing and humanizing of animals.  We take the natures of animals and apply them to Human situations so much that we have become obsessed with making movies and cartoons where all types of animal and marine life are humanized with personalities and character traits of people.

This may be a ploy to foster a more cohesive relationship with nature or maybe something more sinister.  The fact remains that there is a relationship between Humans and animals that needs to be acknowledged and addressed.

Especially within relationships...

If a Human portrays traits that brings to mind the nature of a dog (disagreeable) this should put in the other Human's mind the possibility that one or more outcomes within the relationship may not be to their liking...

Be careful of the types of animals we establish relationships...

To all my Cats, Dogs and other animals...

peace, light and love

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