Friday, November 18, 2011

What is The Relationship Renaissance?

Everything has an expiration date?  Everything ages...

Some things age slower than others...Some things age differently than others...

Relationships are no different...

The problem that we have in our relationships is that in many cases, we don't prepare for the change...We don't prepare for the aging and when it happens, we react adversely to the energy that we put forth when we were first beginning the relationship.

So we fight, we fuss, we develop bitterness, we slander, we gossip, we do everything but what everything in Nature does which is adapt.  We think that when we get tired of a situation because it isn't working in our favor, we should escape that situation and look for a new one.  Kind of like buying a car and when the car doesn't perform for us like it did in the beginning, we scrap it and look for a new car.

What keeps relationships vibrant?

What keeps relationships growing, evolving and adapting?

What keeps relationships from having a premature expiration?


If I inject newness into any situation, I will continue to be comfortable with my environment.  If my environment gets stale, I will lose the desire to stay in that environment.  If I am forced to stay, I will develop resentment to my environment.  This is a natural process.

When we apply the Renaissance to a relationship, we find ourselves injecting newness into an environment that truly can progress with the proper maintenance and care.  Some relationships are beyond the Renaissance but most are not.  A healthy relationship enhanced by an occasional dosage of newness will stay healthy and will be able to run the full cycle of its Earth manifestation... be continued...



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